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Based on the exploration and experience of mold components for plenty years , today Fasteco has developed into a considerable and precision mold parts company .

We specialize in handling mold parts of all sorts ,customized parts and ejector pins  guilding pillar , guilding bush and other tools for mold .

Any customizable Products can be made upon request , are sincerely welcome . We accept any materials and any types of mold components .

Our High Quality products not only satisfy the needs of the Europe, but also America,Southeast Asiaand other countries .

The products before delivered will be entirely inspected by ourQualityInspectionCenterwith advanced testing equipment , ensures delivery of only t

he finest components for customers .

We can rapid deliver products at a minimum of 3 days from receiving orders . Mean while, we familiar with the best freight agent with great price and service .

Fasteco is based on customer sincerely service and has the spirit of sustainable development ,in order to establish as a more competitive ,

more customer trust-worthy company . We have been a reliable and diverse supplier to the every customers needs.

Customer satisfaction is our best Motivation. Fasteco approach the customized Products, high-quality, rapid deliver and sincerely service to

achieve win –win situation with the customer .

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